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Not legal but available from the mega “Orange Shed” are glow-sticks which use LEDs and have a quoted time of 200 hours. They have a pen type clip so you could (illegally) clip one on to your PDF. They come in green and orange.

All Round Waterproof White Light MK7

by Peter Sullivan

The initial torch was purchased from Bunnings ($5.00). Take the waterproof switch seal out and ADOS F2, or similar contact glue, it back in. Place an ‘O’ ring (found in the shed, but thinner one would look better) on the threaded end.

Remove the lens, reflector (both binned) and the LED board. 

Hacksaw and file the front edge of body back to expose the side of the LEDs. Get a plastic specimen jar and cut it in half. Replace the LED board and attach it to body (glue doesn’t work as it upsets the circuit through the body to the switch) by pressing the edges of the tube over the board. Fit the plastic specimen jar top (exactly right size to slide snugly over torch body) and glue it in place.

white light

It can now be attached to a flag pole with plastic ties or placed in a pocket. It still works well as a directional torch and could also be placed in the bow compartment and take up no space at all, providing you have a plastic kayak.

The only thing is that the bodies are aluminium and unless rinsed in fresh water after use could corrode in salt water. They are anodised but the threads are raw metal and have to be to complete the circuit.

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