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The Sea Kayaker’s Ice-axe

This is a unique tool and has been carried on many trips, on land and water. A multiuse tool – for trenching, hole digging, hammering in tent pegs and eliminating unwanted beasts. Mosquitoes and sandflies will fall to its welding, even those encountered in Fiordland.

Carrying this tool, the user has never had problems with polar bears on any of his trips in New Zealand though racoons in the USA were given a wide berth rather than aggressively confronted.

Note – this tool is *unique which means that if anyone copies it, it will lose that status.

Ice axe

*Unique – being the only one of its kind.

Camping Use

Camping use

Marauding Animals

Unfortunately there are no pictures showing the tool in use for driving off polar bears.
However it can also be used to deal with kea.

Kea blow

A sharp blow to the head

Kea solved

Problem solved

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